About Us

Not much to it. “Us” = Me. Hi, I’m Kevin. I used to write for money, now I write for free. Right here. Against the advice of ESPN columnist Rick Reilly. Aye, journalism! I’ll probably mostly write a bunch of satirical “columns”, because I think I’ve got a decent idea of what bad sports writing looks like, and a gift to ape it. I can write pretty competently in my own voice as well, but what fun is that? Nobody wants to read that. (Prospective employers are kindly asked to disregard the previous sentence.) I might also trot out some mindless stats stuff that I play around with. Who here is dying to know what it’d look like if UFC had the same ranking system as soccer?! We’ll cross that bridge… This is mostly to knock the rust off since, ya know, it’s been a while. In a happy coincidence, once this post gets knocked off the front page, it will no longer have been a while. (Never mind, I just made this a page instead. I know WordPress!) The rest of what’s been said can probably be salvaged. I’m just babbling at this point. Fin.

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