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I Think I Just Felled Writer’s Block

I’ve been spending the better part of the last week attempting to write the non-observation portion of my upcoming 800GP piece, but I hadn’t really come up with anything I thought was good until tonight. I came up with something ultra-long and super crappy, and I may even finish that bad boy off and post it here after I get done with the real piece. (As a bonus to make it extra crappy, the lame premise was dealt a strong blow when Monmouth went and beat Navy on Tuesday. Then again, if all it takes to get MU some wins is to pre-write some terrible shit, I’d be willing to make that sacrifice.) I think I wrote the real piece tonight. It’s shorter and — not to sound too full of myself — pretty fair to this point. There’s always the chance that I completely ruin it when I put the finishing touches on it Saturday, but at this point the odds are pretty good that most everything I’ve written in the draft stage of this piece will be posted over the weekend or early next week.

And then, I swear, I’ll do a piece on the UFC rankings and all that jazz. May even do more regarding college hoops if I’m feeling frisky.

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