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Well, My First Post Was Sort Of A Success…

At least in the sense of attracting eyeballs. (This surely will not be sustained. If nothing else, the spike will be amusing to look at in an “it’s all downhill from here” sense.)

Relax, Baseball Think Factory. I appreciate sabermetrics. I appreciate Bill James. I’m a bit of a fan of the site (though I go to FanGraphs a lot more often if I’m being honest.) And I appreciate your feedback, though I sense I may have pissed some of you folks off and/or you’re of the opinion that I suck. Not really what I was going for; I was just playing around a stupid premise I came up with during dinner on Saturday that I could see some long-tenured sports writer actually submitting as a legitimate column. Figured I’d have a go at it since I haven’t really written anything of length in a while. It’s both bitterly disappointing and strangely encouraging that this (I think, I may have been linked once or twice in the past for something sincere) was how I made my BBTF debut.


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