I Just Found The Book of 1993 Baseball Cards! People Will Want To Read My Thoughts On That!

Don’t be thrown by the SNES controller. I took this picture today.

I’ve been meaning to get back to creating content for this bad mamma jamma of a blog here for several weeks now, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I found the proper inspiration to do so. Some might credit fate or say it was “written in the stars” that I would happen to find this near 2o-year-old hardcover book about baseball cards whilst agitatedly shoving items aside during the process of resetting my crappy wireless router. Others, perhaps those who have been in my home recently, may have observed that the book had been resting on a shelf near the router — maybe even unavoidably close — for quite a while, and that I am simply romanticizing what really occurred here for dramatic effect. We may never know what the real reason was. Regardless, I soon found myself skimming through the contents of The Book of 1993 Baseball Cards, mildly intrigued by which players’ cards were considered excellent investments before a shared period of ridiculous overproduction in both the sport itself and the trading card industries largely made such speculation a waste of time.

The format of the book is very simple. With the exception of a seven-page introductory article, each page contains pictures of the 1993 baseball cards of two players, along with a short blurb detailing the player’s career achievements and stat lines for the 1992 season, as well as a player’s career stat totals. The blurbs also tend to recommend a reasonable price to pay for each player’s card, as well as an opinion on which of the player’s 1993 cards is the most aesthetically pleasing. The pricing recommendations were where I paid the most attention thanks to the combination of hindsight being 20/20 and the always amusing suggested retail value of five cents for common cards featuring non-star players.

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Hope and the Highlanders

If nothing else, my memories of Senior Day 2012 at NJIT should be a lot more positive than the ones I have from the last Highlanders senior day I attended.

That senior day was in 2008, the year that the Highlanders went on to post the worst record in the history of Division I basketball. I had kept an eye on the team’s results during that season and decided that I would check out their final home game should they remain winless to that point. That they did, and thus I caught my first glimpse of the Garden State’s newest Division I basketball team (their transition began in 2006-07).

For some reason, it never occurred to me before I arrived at Newark’s Fleischer Center that February just how bad an independent team like the Highlanders had to be to not pick up a win at some point against some of the weak competition that appeared on their schedule. It didn’t take long for me to learn. I arrived to the game late, and by the time I settled into my seat, the Highlanders had already fallen behind by double digits to their senior day opponents — coincidentally enough — Chicago State. Similarly discouraging, one of the first things I noticed upon entering the gym was a older man, possibly in his 50s, succinctly venting about the team’s performance to the person sitting next to him. “Pitiful!” he grumbled. “Just pitiful!”

And pitiful was a good word for it. During the 30 or so minutes of game time that I did manage to catch, I saw the Highlanders miss layup after layup, turn the ball over constantly in a number of baffling ways, miss easy dunks, and all in all just play terrible, borderline unwatchable basketball. Even a late rally that drew NJIT within a single possession was undermined by their typical poor play, and the Cougars wound up winning the game by double digits. Pitiful was one good word for it, hopeless seemed like it could be another.

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Time For Another UFC Rankings Dump, But At Least This One Has A Picture!

A picture, just as the headline promised. Apologies that it's not The Lovely Chandella nude. I know that's been a hot topic in some places. You'll just have to settle for this still from the UFC 143 main event, which popular opinion suggests was won by Interim Welterweight Champion Carlos Condit.


With the much-anticipated UFC on Fuel event just hours away, I felt it was important that I get the latest batch of UFC “ZUFFA” rankings out there. (Especially since I don’t intend to update these immediately following the Fuel show, so why create unnecessary confusion?) These were compiled right after the UFC 143 event and, well, I just didn’t get around to posting them until now. I’ve been working on some other stuff regarding college hoops and fantasy baseball and just haven’t gotten around to throwing the stuff up here. That is, until now. So, while you’re counting the seconds until a bunch of fights that you’re statistically unlike to be able to see, further titillate yourself with the series of Excel-produced tables which await after the break.

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UFC Rankings Dump Following UFC on Fox 2

Enough time has passed since the dreadful Fox show that I can now revisit these bad boys. And I had to do it soon, with UFC 143 coming up this weekend. So here are the glamour-free updated “ZUFFA” rankings for all weight classes. (The what?)

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Updated UFC Rankings Coming This Week

At one point I intended to post them tonight, but I can’t bring myself to spend any more time thinking about UFC after that dreadful Fox show.

They’ll be along shortly. No major changes that I can recall off the top of my head that necessitate a speedy update anyway.

In Deference To The Recently Retired Brock Lesnar, This Post On The “ZUFFA” Heavyweight Rankings Through UFC 141 Shall Be Colon-Free

This two-day exercise (explained here) finally draws to a close with the heavyweights. If you missed any of the other weight class rankings, I covered the bantamweights here, the featherweights here, the lightweights here, the welterweights here, the middleweights here, and the light heavyweights here. So, you know, have at it.

Similar to my Chuck complaint in the last one, yes, I’m aware Brock Lesnar has announced his retirement from mixed martial arts and probably doesn’t belong in the rankings. He’s still on the roster page and has still fought in the UFC in the last four years, though, so you’ll see his name in the rankings. Have a look.

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Don’t Blame Me For Chuck: The Light Heavyweight “ZUFFA” Rankings Following UFC 141

Only two weight classes left, and they both have heavyweight in their name (groundbreaking stuff here). Let’s have a quick refresher before getting down to business: This is the latest in a series of posts I’ve done over the past couple days ranking the various UFC weight classes based on the equation/algorithm/time waster I detailed here. Yesterday, I covered the bantamweights here, the featherweights here, the lightweights here, and the welterweights here. Today, I added the middleweights, and now, the light heavyweights.

Well, in a moment the light heavyweights. First, I’d like to draw attention to the fact that Chuck Liddell is still listed on the active roster on the UFC web site. That’s why he’s ranked here. That’s the best way I have of keeping track of the UFC roster for the purpose of this exercise. I know he’s retired. I am also somewhat perplexed that Royce Gracie appears on the UFC active roster, but hey, whatever.

Sorry to get all defensive on you. Here, have some more rankings as a peace offering:

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